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Image by Peter Shaw

Amongst their stellar work in bringing the absolute loudest, noisiest and nastiest in metal to the North East, the collective behind Byker Grave Bookings aren’t afraid of throwing a few curveballs in the mix every now and then.

Case in point: their capture of the brilliant Wrekmeister Harmonies to play Trillians on Monday 4th February. Drawing on ideas from drone, folk, post-metal and contemporary classical music, the group has received acclaim far beyond the borders of metal or experimental music, holding performances in the Pompidou Centre and The Guggenheim amongst other prestigious institutions.

Having ditched their usual rotating cast of collaborators, their most recent album The Alone Rush finds the core duo of JR Robinson and Esther Shaw working within a dark but consoling gothic folk aesthetic, investigating grief and isolation but also finding a clear-sighted beauty.

Performing alongside them on the night are Snakes Don’t Belong In Alaska, fresh from the release of their debut album and appearing in collaboration with vocal loop duo Möbius, as well as a set from solo blackened darkgaze artist Penance Stare. Expect an enthralling and powerful evening of sound.


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