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Before we were who we are now, we were Nephilim. As Nephilim, we wrote stories into our songs. There were these big stories, but they weren’t stories we’d experienced. These epics of battles and wars just weren’t anything new. The lockdown changed our writing. We needed to  change our name, rebrand our identity. There’s 100 bands called Nephilim, there’s only one All Before.”

From the effective experiments with synths and piano instrumentation, to the introspective lyrics or thundering, show stealing drum work, All Before have ensured that their EP So Pass Me Your Hand… is an evolution from their previous sound. The EP sounds deliberately bigger, more textured and nuanced, yet the band are still kicking out harder than ever.

With each of the EPs tracks contributing something different, the various styles of metalcore each scratch a distinct itch, both for the listener and for the band. “We’re no strangers to trying different things.” Confesses Tyler, the band’s drummer. “Each of our members has their own unique style. We’ve definitely tried to keep everyone happy, it makes it more interesting for us if there’s different strands of melody or intensity knocking around. Some of the guys are more orientated on the complex,  technically proficient music, whereas some prefer simple sounds that kick and punch. We’ve hit a good balance here, every track shows something different, but shows who we are and what we can do.”

Across the EP  the songs play with dynamics and emotion more than we have done

Honing in on the EP’s closer, Daydreaming, Tyler and bassist Jake discuss why the track means so much to them. “It’s got streaks of black metal running through it, as well as shoegaze. With all those atmospheric soundscapes, it’s the furthest we’ve pushed our sound so far. Across the EP  the songs play with dynamics and emotion more than we have done. There’s light and dark. It’s a sad track about splitting up, but it’s about rebuilding. It’s about those thoughts and worries about the future.”

Another poignant and evident change from the band’s recent gear shift from Nephilim to All Before is the lyricism. Across the EP, the band’s lyrical voice has changed in a way that is far more introspective and open about mental health, and far more aware of the dangers of the mind. It shares honest depictions of emotion and leaves them bare, as crushing fills and searing guitars rain around them. The lyrics are a rally cry to all those in need.

I think you end up finding metal for a reason, be it anger or depression. I think it’s a way to channel that energy.” muses Jake, as Tyler confirms: “I see metal as an outlet, those heavy songs chill me out because there’s something else being loud and angry so I don’t have to be. When I’m playing through the heavier, faster tracks, I’m most at ease. I want people to feel as free as I do, by moshing and dancing.”

All Before release So Pass Me Your Hand… on 20th October. The band play Trillians, Newcastle on Monday 23rd October.


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