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Somehow, 26 years have passed since the publication of Trainspotting, Irvine Welsh’s beloved novel set in the clammy cracks of Edinburgh’s underbelly. These days we may be choosing avocado baguettes and twenty minutes of HIIT per day over heroin chic and The Lemonheads, but that doesn’t mean that Renton and Spud’s uniquely twisted bromance no longer has a place in our do-good little hearts.

People unfamiliar with the novel or 1996 film will receive a compromise between both in this tried and tested stage adaptation, which comes to Newcastle’s Northern Stage from Tuesday 5th-Saturday 9th March. To those people I earnestly recommend trying to get a seat where the action cannot be, erm, brought too close. If this cannot be avoided – I don’t know how much Northern Stage respond to begging and pleading when it comes to seating – you may wish to consider taking tissues or certifiably flushable wipes, or possibly even a poncho. Worst case scenario: just write it off as an immersive, potentially fake poo stained experience which can probably be erased at 30 degrees.

In-yer-face theatre as a movement may have had its zeitgeist and eaten it by the end of the 90s, but shock and eeeuw! tactics can have a fun and cathartic role to play in knocking the rose coloured specs off the face of preachy nonsense and unchallenging nostalgia. You have been warned.

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