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Image from The Illusionary Reality by Shiquan Zou – Dialogue With Time

Those of a slightly more cliched nature might say that every piece of art takes you on a journey – be it through a number of wildly differing locations, personal experiences, or even personal memories. For Chinese artist Shiquan Zou – Breeze Creatives’ latest international find – the theme of epic journeys is central to his artistic expression.

In his latest exhibition, The Illusionary Reality, this self-proclaimed ‘photorealistic’ painter endeavours to portray two wildly polarised worlds: the East and the West. He utilises the teachings of influential Taoist philosopher Zhuang Zi, who once claimed: “Things are not higher or lower than each other when observed on Tao (truth). However, when observed from the perspective of their own, they always discriminate each other.”

Having experienced both the East and West, Zou sees his work as a true reflection of both cultures, both physically and spiritually. Combining elements of optical illusion with more traditional painting styles, he brings forth a number of enthralling works to Newcastle’s Abject Gallery on Friday 14th July, where art-lovers will have a chance to meet and discuss ideas with the man himself.

The exhibition will then run from Wednesday 19th July until Saturday 19th August. If you do happen to pay the exhibition a visit, take Zou’s advice: “stand aloof above time and space to find a quiet place in a noisy world.”

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