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Somewhere in the invisible underbelly of the internet, online trolls roam, conspiring to commit social media defamation, alongside far-right religious networks and anonymous, power-shifting entities. The online world as we know it is a complex mechanism, with all sorts of implications for the villains who exploit its covert power and the ordinary people who knowingly and unknowingly engage with its content.

The Believers Are But Brothers is an award-winning one-man multimedia show (written by Manchester-based author Javaad Alipoor) that seeks to explore the male-dominated spaces of the web and transport the audience into the bleak realm of our digital age. Running from Thursday 14th until Saturday 16th June at Newcastle’s Northern Stage, the experimental and innovative show promises to delve deep into the hypnotising and manipulative political force of the alt-right, whilst traversing the malevolent, extremist ideologues of ISIS, the conspiratorial forums of 4chan and the fantastical domain of meme culture. But rather than a broad dissection of these networks, the show will specifically focus on a generation of powerless young men who find themselves embroiled in a crisis of masculinity and inferiority – instead finding solace in the dark corners of online-based fantasy and violence. You’ll probably think twice before tweeting that meme after this one!


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