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Before Shaman Haven Part 2, an event which takes place at Middlesbrough’s House of Blah Blah on Thursday 10th March, there was first (rather obviously) Shaman Haven Part 1. An exercise in audience perception, Shaman Haven Part 1 placed a giant sculpture in the centre of the room, surrounded by painted works; reminiscent of highly stacked amplifiers, the installation emitted ‘static rumblings’, and various vocal sounds were intoned towards it and returned through its own mechanisms, becoming altered as the viewer moved around the structure. The intention of this noisy installation was to enable the paintings to be reconsidered and their relationship with their support reinterpreted, as artists Phil Larry and James Watt explain: “We anticipated the performance to be perceived as an instruction to a way of seeing. The protagonist being a conductor revealing a score or pathway, which could potentially be followed, read or re-enacted.”

So now to Shaman Haven Part 2, which displays the fan-footage recorded at the original event on audience members’ mobile phones. The second instalment confronts the viewer with a series of projections placed among the remnants of stacked speakers; referencing the aftermath of the performance, the viewer is delivered distorted audio and flashes of archival footage.

An intriguing installation, Shaman Haven will look at the idea of memory, experience and collectively shared events.

Shaman Haven Part 2 is at The House of Blah Blah, Middlesbrough on Thursday 10th March.

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