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Serious Sam Barrett’s latest release and third long player with Pine Hill Haints compadre Jamie the Fang finds it release in February. Recorded in one day whilst touring the States together in early 2016, it’s raw and full of the fine stuff.

Named after a biker bar in the heart of cowboy country The Dime Horse Shoe has the boys armed and ready with only a fiddle and 12 string to show between them. It’s make up of traditional folk songs beaten into shape on the road, has been laid onto fourtrack with an original scent of rowdy bar joints and honky tonk dive bars.

Chatting to Barrett he explained a little about a handful of self-penned road tunes that made the cut. “The Diamond Horseshoe song basically describes snapshots of life touring the states, playing in bars, sleeping on people’s floors, skateboarding and the like. Roses on the Dashboard is more of an old time love song influenced heavily with time taken out to tour.”

“There are a lot of traditional songs on there. More than I ever put on my solo records because me and Jamie absolutely love playing traditional songs together. Two of the songs I picked to go on the record When First Unto This Country and Santa Fe Trail are early American folk songs that, to me, are so old that you can really hear their roots in the UK and Irish traditions coming through strongly. They both sound to me like they could be English songs but they happen to be early American songs. Santa Fe trail actually is an early cowboy song and When First Unto This Country was a song that Alan Lomax recorded in Texas on one of his famous field recordings.”

Supporting the Haints in 2006, the pair struck up and an immediate friendship, taking them across the US, Europe and the U.K. and Ireland. With tour dates in the US already set and U.K. dates to follow, gas stations and road miles are set to clock up even more distance. The North East can get their own taste at Durham’s The Old Cinema Laundrette on Friday 10th February.

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