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Image: Chloe Foy

Where Shall We Begin, the title track and starting point of Chloe Foy‘s debut album was our starter for ten in front Mr Wishy Washy’s frontloaders, in the intimate and unique Durham venue. I was drawn to this gig by the emotional power, intensity and masterly melody of that long player. Stripped back to the core at the Launderette, the fragility as well as sincere conviction leaps out.

The very talented George Boomsma pitched in on the piano, augmenting the subtle guitar instrumentation of Harry Fausing Smith to illuminate Chloe’s guitar and sweet, sweet vocals. Before this the North Yorkshire singer played his own set. Beginning with songs for his sister and his dogs, George introduced us to pockets of his life before we were pitched in to the hubbub and charm of China Town and the pop noire of Streets Paved With Gold.

The tender folk stylings of Chloe Foy can take us to dark places. An album born of family tragedy followed by long introspection can emerge into the light with sweeping melodramas like Deserve. A video for which she describes as being dressed like a Scottish widow. Sensitive moments abound in the lyrics and yet there is overall a comforting and uplifting mood swing. Chloe speaks to people, sometimes on an unlikely level. She recounts how her song Oh Are You Not Well has somehow become an unlikely drinking anthem. I leave the show clutching a jar of home made jam made by Chloe’s mother. and with a smile in my heart as well as across my face.

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