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If you’re ever rummaging through Google looking for some artwork to use on your latest blog post, then it’s more than likely that you’ve come across more than a few DeviantArt pieces. Most of those who use the platform might be looking to get a footing into the art community, but Sam Anthony Mudd uses his pixel-based art for a different reason. In his own words, it’s all a “mental purging” not deliberately intended to be accessible, leading to the creation of challenging and beautiful works that reflect his state of mind. His latest exhibition Dog Biscuits (subtitled “A Showcase of Digital Artworks and Esoteric Nonsense”) will be showing off some of his digital artworks in a physical format, with 14 pieces of art from the past two years. He’ll also be giving a special sneak peek of his 13-part project CATTLE 2015 and his 100-day experimental, minimalist project SHEEP 2014.

Diagnosed with autism at the age of four and having battled depression and social anxiety, Mudd’s mental health has contributed to the style and theme of his art, informing his creative endeavours and resulting in a diverse, colourful and intricate portfolio of work. His work allows Mudd to communicate with others and express his emotions, as well as give a unique insight into what it’s like to live with these common but often misunderstood conditions. With the 14 works in Dog Biscuits, Mudd is officially putting light on to his own achievements as well as encouraging those with similar conditions to pursue their ambitions and use creative practices as a means of expressing themselves.

Sam Antony Mudd’s exhibition Dog Biscuits is showing at Hoult’s Yard, Newcastle until Saturday 17th October.

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