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After working as a probation officer and social worker for many years before becoming a professional artist, it’s unsurprising that the work of Peter Robson centres on the human condition and the ways in which the actions of the few impact on the many. Yet the way in which he presents these ideas is truly eye-catching; using bright colours across the canvas, Robson creates a tension between the more positive connotations of the palette he employs and the underlying themes of his work.

His latest exhibition continues these motifs across a series of paintings. Unobtania, which shows at Arts Centre Washington from Friday 8th November until Friday 20th December, looks at man’s inhumanity to fellow man, harnessing his aesthetic approach to its full extent. From The Soldier (inspired by a visit to Ireland that ignited a desire to represent the 1916 Easter uprising) to The Rocket (which critiques the effect of colonisation on the Middle East), Robson draws the viewer in with his bold, vibrant style to emphasise the serious messages that lie beneath. Unobtania will bring into focus the way in which Robson’s artistic medium can be a platform for communicating wider concepts.

Peter Robson: Unobtania is at Arts Centre Washington from Friday 8th November-Friday 20th December


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