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Image: SOUP Burnt, 2011, Mandy Barker

Theorising that methods undertaken in photography and science share many similar characteristics, a new exhibition at Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens seeks to explore parallels between photography and the scientific world in their methods of observation, experimentation and archiving.

Themes of exploration and wonder at the natural world come together symbiotically in the work of eight photographic artists, who also pose questions about our unending fascination with the complex natural world and our seemingly unstoppable quest to destroy it.

Scientific methodologies employed by photographers and the transformative power of light and lens will be explored, with the exhibition marking the international premiere of four new bodies of work.

Of particular note is Robert Zhao Renhui’s A Guide To The Flora And Fauna Of The World, an installation in which he documents ways humankind has altered the planet; Sophie Ingleby’s SEED is based on the experiences of IVF; Mandy Barker’s SOUP takes the plastics problem in our oceans as its lead; while Maria McKinney’s work, Sire, looks at breeding practices for food production.

Observe, Experiment, Archive is at Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens from Saturday 16th November-Sunday 5th January

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