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“Some people have described me as quite odd…but obviously, I’m not odd, I’m from Hull.”

So, to many of our readers, pretty damned average; but the award winning Humberside born comedian, actress, and poet Lucy Beaumont is being modest; she’s very, very odd, but in the best possible way.

Who else would carry possibly the country’s finest collection of awful pizza flyers around in their handbag to remind them of home? Bringing her quirky yet down to earth North East insights into provincial life, clubbing in your home town, the terrors of living in a foreign land – that there London – and the disadvantages of being from Hull (as perceived by southern strangers) together in the winningly titled We Can Twerk It Out. We can only hope for a full performance of that poetic masterpiece, Nobody Talks About Heroin at Weddings.

Lucy Beaumont performs at the Gala Theatre, Durham on Friday 20th February.

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