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Image: Peter J. Evans, The morning light is transformative, the evening light is transformative 2015.

Courtesy the artist and Workplace Gallery

An ‘in conversation’ event, taking place at BALTIC 39 on Thursday 12th November, discusses Line, Form and Understanding with Peter J. Evans, James Jarvis and Ant Macari. A discursive exploration of the exhibition Across Islands, Divides (a series of works by Evans) showing at BALTIC 39, the artists will discuss the role of drawing within artistic discipline, including the role of their individual artistic practice.

Artists Jarvis and Macari illuminate the discussion with their own practice based insights; with Jarvis’ Spheric Dialogues, which explored the role of comic strip through in-depth ideological representations, and Macari’s unique perspective on the housing of artwork outside gallery space, as well as the role of drawing in this way of producing work. Macari’s work looks at the way we order, structure and thus place prevalence on what we see and observe, and what this means to us.

This links with Evans’ overarching discussion relating to his BALTIC 39 exhibit. As well as using other mediums and modes of representation, Evans’ mesmerizing use of line in the drawing works also demonstrates the use of drawing as being built step by step. The art of process is a definite focus and one the three artists share.

Evans explores linking elements in maps, as lines and connections evolve, often in a metaphoric way. This has a lovely symmetry with the way the three artists work together, connecting their modes of artistic production through drawing practice.

In Conversation: Line, Form and Understanding with Peter J. Evans, James Jarvis and Ant Macari takes place at BALTIC 39 on Thursday 12th November.

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