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Image by Lee Hardy

Taking a decidedly cool approach to her scheduling, North East comic Katherine Tanney seems to be living proof of Sinatra’s old adage that a successful performer is one that ‘never leaves an audience wanting less’. Infrequent with her live shows, and receiving high praise when she does play, Tanney has subsequently developed a reputation for packing venues out, often with returning audiences keen not to miss a show and have to wait for the next.

Returning to the North East relatively soon after her pre-Fringe showcase earlier in the summer, Tanney will be hosting a one-off showcase of her highly regarded Fringe show, Composter Syndrome, on Tuesday 6th November at Newcastle’s Alphabetti Theatre.  

Set within a deliberate context of being un-prepared and purposefully self-indulgent, Composter Syndrome is a trip across Tanney’s psyche through cleverly curated stories about personal relationships, ‘first couple’ holidays, Thundercats and the pains of getting older. Never trying to position her show solely on clever ideas or big payoffs, Tanney has gained a reputation for a delivery style based on a continuous weave of comedy which is light on ‘bada boom’ endpoints, but large on natural charm and subtle humour, and as such has proved herself to be a performer worth catching.


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