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Image by Shawn Brackbill

No longer a Czar or a Queen of Denmark, the ineffable maestro of electro-melancholia John Grant returns to the North East, performing at Sage Gateshead on Thursday 31st January. His fourth album, Love Is Magic, is one draped in lyrical turbulence from the nostalgia of growing up gay in the 80s and the unwitting humour of existence in the world.

With music ranging from solemn piano ballads and twisted takes on the ‘indie’ revolut, mournfully sublime ABBA covers and a feast of electronic mayhem, you never know what you’re in for. Max Headroom meets Atari meets Dream Phone, John Grant is on a mission to be more honestly himself than ever before. To describe John Grant live is to disarm the Bible; you’re gonna have to trust us on this one.

Grant is a force to be reckoned with in all of his crooning, tempestuous glory. There’s no artist like him around at the moment.


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