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Look, I’ll level with you. You probably already know if you want to come to this one or not. Iron Maiden are not a band that attract dilettantes: no, they attract hardcore and devout fandom, one that knows every guitar solo of their formidable back catalogue inside out and can rattle off the many different designs of band mascot Eddie over the years.

But it’s still fair to clear up a few misconceptions. People still, bafflingly, accuse the band of being overly serious. While you certainly don’t get to your sixteenth album without a certain devotion to your craft (not to mention whilst tackling subjects like the horrors of war, aircraft crashes and depression – and that’s just on last year’s The Book of Souls alone), there’s very few bands out there so utterly, magnificently dedicated to ensuring that every single person watching any of their shows has the night of their lives. If that means planet-sized sing-a-long choruses, the irrepressible and unrivalled showmanship of frontman Bruce Dickinson, and the obligatory appearance from Eddie, then so be it – you’re not leaving one of their shows without a mile-wide grin on your face.

If you’ve somehow failed to snap up the last tickets for their appearance at the Metro Radio Arena on Sunday 14th May, then take this preview as your warning. Be quick, or be dead (bored).

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