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From the team that brought you the well-received Virtual Noir at the Bar, writers Simon Bewick and Vic Watson introduce their new project, Bay Tales. If you loved their previous lockdown live fiction event, you won’t want to miss out on their new venture.

Virtual Noir at the Bar was a hit during the first lockdown with both crime fiction readers and writers, gathering every Wednesday evening for 22 weeks to hear authors reading their work. Hosted by Whitley Bay writer Victoria Watson, this event enticed people from all over the world, along with author Simon Bewick, who helped to facilitate the online switch. Together, Simon and Vic have created Bay Tales, which champions smaller publishers, suppliers and writers, along with superstar names. As Vic says, “I know people were impressed with what we offered with Virtual Noir at the Bar, but Bay Tales is taking it to the next level.”

If you are a keen reader, writer, or just someone looking to discover something intriguingly new, Bay Tales is the project for you. Launching at the beginning of November, this diverse literary event promises to offer even more than Virtual Noir at the Bar, combining written fiction and non-fiction with virtual and physical events, to offer ‘Friends of the Bay’ members access to some of the most prominent authors working today. Simon Bewick, one half of Bay Tales notes, “We want to offer all the quality and fun our thousands of subscribers liked with VNatB, but to do even more – and we’ve got some exciting ideas on how to do that.”

That could be a difficult task, considering Virtual Noir at the Bar has been announced as a finalist in Futurebook’s Event of the Year, but the team are irrevocably confident. Their wide variety of both fiction and non-fiction provides something for everyone – championing over 60 authors from bestsellers to the most inspiring emerging talents. You may well discover your new favourite book!

Although the initial events starting in January will be virtual, the pair hope to begin physical versions as soon as possible. Yet, members can take advantage of a forum to discuss what they’re reading and writing, along with exclusive special offers and events “costing less than a cup of coffee”, as Simon adds. With all these valuable opportunities at a low price, what more could a literacy lover want?

Early subscribers to Friends of the Bay (Bay Tales membership programme) can join before Thursday 31st December for just £25 a year

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