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Image by Lizzie Lovejoy

Ever since graduating from The Northern School of Art, illustrator Lizzie Lovejoy has been drawing people and the neighbourhoods where they live, work and meet. Lovejoy’s previous work as Artist of Change at ARC explored aspects of Northern working-class identity and their new curated exhibition, opening at ARC on Monday 4th October (and also accessible online), focuses on home – a particularly resonant and fragile concept in an age of uprootedness. Lovejoy explains: “I’ve asked 15 different Northern-based creatives to fill up a sketchbook I’ve provided to them, specifically looking at their journeys. It’s a consideration of the concept of Home in relation to travelling around, asking if home comes with you, if it’s region based, or if it’s even more localised than that.”

Drawing from ethnographic methods, the illustrator has also meticulously documented the physical journeys of the sketchbooks, collected stories through interviews and transformed them into spoken word poems which can be heard throughout the gallery. Lovejoy’s social art practice shares affinities with that of Glasgow visual artist Mitch Miller who, for many years, has been drawing ‘dialectrograms’ charting the movements and everyday routines of people in urban places. Like Miller, Lovejoy knows that every image may tell, disrupt or produce a story, and concretely draw us together.

Home: Revisited is at ARC, Stockton from Monday 4th October-Monday 1st November

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