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Is it just me or are Canadian ex-pats bringing some of the best comedic routines to the region lately? Tony Law has been doing the rounds with his series of shows and is about to perform at the Barnard Castle Comedy Festival, and now fellow emigre Glenn Wool is in the north east to preview his new show, Creator, I Am But A Pawn.

As its title suggests, Wool’s latest show isn’t tackling light subjects. Instead, he’s getting all philosophical on us and wondering whether there really is an unseen companion following him around as he lives his life (not necessarily God, or any god, just some indefinable presence). He’s considering whether the voice in his head is of his own making, or if there’s some devilish spirit following him around heckling him. Don’t worry though, there’ll still be laughs and jokes aplenty in the show, as well as Wool’s usual wonderfully theatrical storytelling style bringing a touch of class to the night.

Glenn Wool comes to The Stand, Newcastle on Tuesday 14th July.

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