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Image: Untitled from the series, Blood Speaks, 2013-18 © Poulomi Basu

Join Poulomi Basu, an award winning Indian activist, artist and photographer on a gripping visual journey investigating war, suffering and the fight of women and indigenous communities in South Asia. Her exhibition, Eruptions: A Decade of Creation, spans three projects from Basu dating back to 2009, truly documenting an era of exploration.

The solo exhibition at Side Gallery, which runs from Saturday 30th October to Sunday 6th February, immerses audiences in the projects Centralia, Blood Speaks: A Ritual of Exile and To Conquer Her Land, through exhibiting the captivating forms of virtual reality, film, photography, crime evidence and documentary.

Basu places the light on female pain, whilst also inspiring the audience through stories of remarkable women and her own activism. Centralia reports testimonies, portraits and investigations of fallen (mainly) female revolutionary fighters in brutal conflicts between the People’s Liberation Guerilla Army; Blood Speaks, winner of the Royal Photogenic Society’s Hood Media 2020, exposes the harrowing origins and results of the Chaupadi exile ritual, a violent practice towards menstruating women in Nepal; in To Conquer Her Land audiences can witness the extraordinary experiences of India’s first female soldiers on the borders of India and Pakistan.

Basu’s inspirational work has resulted in a policy change criminalising the Chaupadi exile practice, whilst working alongside Action Aid for the #MyBodyIsMine Menstruation campaign.

Eruptions: A Decade of Creation further provides an insight into a feminine world of hardship, perseverance and strength.

Eruptions: A Decade of Creation by Poulomi Basu is at Side Gallery, Newcastle from Saturday 30th October to Sunday 6th February

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