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From Saturday 14th April until Saturday 26th May, NewBridge Project are welcoming two installations which explore political, economic and social issues in relation to climate change as part of their Deep Adaptation exhibition. In her exhibit, Rhona Foster presents two different video installations: (Just An Egg Sandwich) A Sanctimonious Man and What Should I Have For Lunch? Both follow two office workers, with the first being forced to ask himself how far he’ll really go to “do the right thing” and the second being caught in a Wheel of Fortune-style game show after drifting off during a meeting on sustainability. Foster also worked in collaboration with people from Newcastle and Gateshead to develop the script and costumes for the films, using non-professional actors.

A similarly playful tone runs through Lucien Anderson’s Last Ditch Attempt, which centres on a mobile seed library. A starting point both for a seed-sharing network but also a springboard for thought on models for climate resilience, it’s inspired by the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, an “insurance policy for the world’s food supply”. When rising temperatures caused melting permafrost to flood the vault, Anderson decided a new strategy was needed. And so, instead of a centralised silo, he’s attempting to change thought and practice through egalitarian, human-based networks.

Together, the installations are set to be dynamic, engaging launch-pads for deeper discourse on current consumption and climate change, and a series of illuminating events will throw further light on the challenges we face. Of particular note is the film programme, which takes place at the newly reopening Star & Shadow Cinema, featuring two days of experimental and artist films which explore alternative ways of living on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th April and Luke Devlin and Svenja Meyerricks from Glasgow’s Centre for Human Ecology’s event at the NewBridge Project on Friday 11th May, which will offer tools for thought and action on climate change, alienation, poverty and oppression.

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