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Clones! Existential dread! Tinfoil props! The stage is set for actor-clown Charlie Hammond and writer-performer Jasmine Chatfield – better known as Me Me Me Theatre – to present their latest DIY sci-fi (kind of) epic at Newcastle’s Alphabetti Theatre on Wednesday 14th and Thursday 15th March.

Clonely sees them playing two identical clones who’ve just awoken a spaceship full of others (the audience), ready to retell how they were born and became destined to cruise on their craft through the deepest abyss of space for all time (oh, and attempting to impersonate Don Solus, the billionaire from whom they originated).

How exactly will they do this? Through the medium of dream sequences, a bunch of Julian Cope tunes, some eerie automated phone messages and choreographed dance routines of course (note: dance routines may or may not contain sweet moves).

Hammond and Chatfield are poking fun at science fiction as a genre, the avant-garde and quite possibly themselves too. Although it can be dark and thoughtful, mainly these two clones simply want to drag their new-found buddies quite literally into the action, engaging the audience with their often silly, surreal and anarchic narrative through the medium of balloons, singing and maybe some Oreos too. That promise of biscuits just sweetens the deal.

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