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Seven years is a long time to keep a secret, especially when that secret is as downright bloody electrifying as Casual Threats’ new single DLR.

The Newcastle post-punks are back with their first release since 2018, but by no means is this some kind of half-baked homunculus of lockdown tedium – a four-chord banana bread loaf, if you will. No, despite wrestling with themes of boredom and isolation – voguish inklings, granted – DLR has in fact been a glinting spear in the trio’s arsenal since their very first set-list way back in 2014.

Finally committed to tape, the track is one of four new releases headed our way this year, and it’s a fraught, writhing, stabbing blast of freneticism; like fighting a rooster in a phone box.

As always, part of Casual Threats’ endearing charm is their knack for penning canny hooks that boast immediacy without straying towards triteness, and DLR is no exception, careering along on the back of a snarling earworm that chomps and stomps as it goes.

With post-punk blooming into something of Indian summer right now, the Geordie three-piece are re-entering the fray of a decidedly sardine-like scene. Keep up this pace, however, and they’ll absolutely thrive.

Casual Threats release DLR on 2nd April

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