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Image by Joe_Becker

Looking this time to Canada, Breeze Creative’s latest foray into the realm of international contemporary art focuses on four artists with the same world-view: “we’re probably fucked”. From Wednesday 24th May until Saturday 24th June, curator James Unsworth attempts to represent the dark humour in our increasingly polarised society in this showcase of works by painters Becker, Dean, Kouroumalos and Mainella. Through an array of artistic forms, these four children seek to reflect on the ‘golden years’ of pop culture – a once-optimistic period in history that has since become tarnished.

Whilst this exhibition sees the group lumped together under their simplistic, single-word label – ‘Canadians’ – they actually boast a wild variation styles and messages. Joe Becker utilises components lifted from horror movies and video games, as well as mass-marketed characters; Rory Dean wields a brush to create incredibly dark, twisted imagery; Peggy Kouroumalous basks in symbolism with use of digital media; and Derek Mainella opts for the more traditional medium of oils. When combined, each weave a powerful (and, at times, incredibly humorous) sense of nostalgia, making plain the treacherous uncertainty of our society today. Each element aims to provoke that oh-so-familiar sense of creeping anxiety that we all face – so, whether you’d prefer to laugh or cry at the current state of things, this exhibition at Newcastle’s Abject Gallery is definitely worth your while.

Canadians is at Abject Gallery, Newcastle from Wednesday 24th May until Saturday 24th June.

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