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It’s fast approaching Valentine’s Day and there’s a distinct sense of love in the air. But let’s be honest, all this smooching and lovey-dovey stuff can just get a bit much, can’t it? Broken Mic Comedy seem to think so too, as instead of following in the footsteps of some of their peers and putting on a Valentine’s themed night, their first outing of 2015 takes on the most romantic of subjects: wrestling.

Fearless compere Si Beckwith will be hosting the comedy spectacular, introducing the entrants to the ring. The six acts on include local talent such as Steffen Peddie and Lee Kyle, but they’re all united by one thing: they all love wrestling. Whether it’s the more amateurish fare that used to be seen on World of Sport or the flashy antics of WWE, the group will be talking about the joy of the square ring. And probably poking a lot of fun at it too. Even if you don’t enjoy wrestling, you’ll probably find something rib-tickling in the observations made about the slight ridiculousness of it all.

No word on if there’ll be entrance music yet. Expect a short blast of Eye of the Tiger at some point though…

Broken Mic Comedy presents their Wrestling Spectacular at The Hancock, Newcastle on Monday 9th February.

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