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If you stayed up late to watch Twitter explode in a glorious shower of pig jokes after THAT allegation, or you’ve shared an Onion article in response to another terrible news nugget rather than try and compose a calm response with your world-weary head in your hands, then you understand the power of satire to amuse, inform and provide a kind of absurdist catharsis.

If you’re not already familiar with Andy Zaltzman from his topical podcast The Bugle or his sell out show at The Stand last year, then listen up. He’s back in Newcastle on Tuesday 12th January with his show Satirist For Hire, a routine built around the questions, thoughts or quibbles of that wonderful and terrifying mass; you, the public. Zaltzman encourages audience members to email him in the run-up to the show, and builds the night around those issues raised. Past topics have included celebrity, austerity, Syria and Pokemon. It’s a format which is admirable – any comedian willing to write a show with a month or two notice is a brave man. It also ensures the content will be fresh, unique to your particular show, and of course, brilliantly daft. Visit Andy’s website for more information on submitting your topic.

Andy Zaltzman is at The Stand, Newcastle on Tuesday 12th January.

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