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In 1985, DC Comics took a bit of a risk. They decided to unify the stories of many of their superheroes, including¬†Superman, Batman and the Green Lantern, to¬†create the series Crisis On Infinite Earths (kind of like a DC version of the Avengers). Since each of the heroes resided on a different version of Earth within alternative universes, the series focused on the various heroes’ efforts to unite all of their home planets into one entity, in an attempt to make it easier for readers to understand the different timelines and continuities of the DC Universe.

You might be wondering how all of this relates to an exhibition at Gallery North. Well, two years later in 1987 (bear with me here) Grant Morrison and Steve Yeowell’s Zenith – a politically engaged superhero comic – brought together the multiple realities to battle a dangerous Lovecraftian threat. To fight this evil that may or may not be Cthulhu, and defend the realms in this other alternative DC Universe, the group connect on Alternative 23.

Gallery North’s new comic and graphic novel-centric exhibition will see several artists taking on the concept of multiverses and superheroes in a homage to both the original DC concept and Zenith’s updating. Curated by Mark Jackson, Tom O’Sullivan and Joanne Tatham, with works from a variety of artists including Steve Aylett, David Blandy and Daniel Locke, the new exhibition should prove to be a deep insight both into the nature of creating comic book universes and multiverses, as well as how people have adapted these concepts over the years.

Alternative 23 exhibits at Galllery North, Newcastle from Thursday 5th February.

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