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Blurring the lines between everyday functionality and corporate communication tools, 3D artwork, like street art before it (and pop art before that), often makes interesting statements by taking everyday icons and transforming them before our eyes.

Looking to promote such works, WetDoveTail, an online digital space which launches this month, will host virtual gallery events with artists from across the North East. Opening during the first lockdown, WetDoveTail’s projects have mushroomed out since; expanding to include experimental films and the 1:1 exhibition; the collective’s first funded exhibition in their digital space. Often striking artistic gold by finding interesting variances between the shades of software normality we take for granted, 1:1 was both moving and challenging; presenting work that was fluid and, on occasion, able to be interacted with.

Preparing to dazzle with artists who submitted work during a recent online open call, WetDoveTail’s next exhibition, 1:3, will continue in the digital vein and feature the work of 25-30 artists across a variety of mediums from video and performance-based creations as well as 2D and 3D works – proving again that the pop art form is often the most effective way of holding a mirror up to ourselves and demanding that we ask the big questions.

1:3 is online now at WetDoveTail’s online space

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