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Image: Sing Again Syren by Victoria Wai

Words: Allan Scorer

The Tyne Bank Brewery events involved resetting the room layout with a gradual introduction of smaller tables and decreasing the bigger ones as restrictions got tighter. It was a bit messy in the latter stages of September when we were having to split tables up whilst keeping groups in close proximity to their initial parties, but the shows far exceeded my expectations – I went from worrying about an all seating affair and audience interaction with the artists to then hearing the applause after every performance. You could just tell how great it must have felt to be able to perform again by the massive beaming grins coming off stage every night.

It’s been a massive help for most, if not all, people mentally. Last year when Little Buildings was in limbo looking for a home I went through all the motions where that was concerned, so being able to offer a platform for those who value live music as therapy is the very least we could offer. When Robyn from Picnic spoke about how much it had helped her during their gig on 1st November I was nursing a canny hangover so a tad emotional but managed to stop myself from having a public bubble. Seeing the same faces attend was lush to see too, it got to a point if I hadn’t seen a regular for over a week I was sliding into their DMs seeing if they were cush!

Highlights included Kay Greyson performing Call The Police the night before further restrictions came into place; Shallow and Swears performing with Good Friend, as I had been worried about fuzz levels with heavier bands and Kaan nailed the sound; Many Moons with Sailmaker, Lizzie Esau, Picnic, Badmind, Tall Shaves and Sing Again Syren. I could list all 45 and still be unable to choose a clear favourite.

The diversity across all of our nights was just a small taste of what the North East has to offer, there are 100s more bands and soloists we can’t wait to work with again and in some cases for the first time. Our bread and butter has been local artists and will continue to be as long as everyone keeps putting the graft in and setting the bar for the next lot.

In terms of 2021, I’m hoping for more gigs at Tyne Bank and then to start filling Little Buildings’ diary from March with my old man, (hopefully) get some tours booked for my two bands (Shallow and Sing Again Syren), and overall just stay happy doing what we are daft enough to do and look forward to seeing everyone cross our doors again. We can stroll into 2021 being proud of the work we have been able to put in, and safe in the knowledge that the North East is like the Garden of Eden for talent.


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