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SKIN is a multi–functional creative platform which explores contrasting cultures across the North in the form of live events, visual art, artist projects and community engagement. Each event places equal importance on celebrating local talent with Westy, Bunney, Luke Daniels and Janay joining as residents. For each season a new visual artist-in-residence will be invited to produce a piece of art in a way that provides SKIN with its own identity. Artists consider the region and its people when producing the work to build a greater understanding of the North East’s unique contribution to club culture.

We asked a few of our family to pick out tracks, artists and labels we feel currently represent the Northern electronic music community. It’s full of gems spanning across bass, techno, spoken word and ambient.

Marske – He Don’t Marske (Man Power Remix)

It’s hard not to chat about North East electronic music without giving a nod to the Me Me Me label, who are one of the few regional labels who truly champion local talent at the same time as connecting with global artists. For this track the input and output is uniquely Northern, born from a collaboration between spoken word artist Marske and label head Man Power. It’s a four-minute social commentary and light-hearted take on a deeply personal story from the viewpoint of a working-class Northerner stepping into the big city of middle-class professionalism. (SKIN)

Hu-Sane – Bridge Street

I heard this track whilst travelling to Antigua for the first time. I’m born and raised in Newcastle but half of my family are from Antigua and so Northern identity has been complex and ever-evolving for me growing up. This track merges different and contrasting worlds perfectly; the toms and drums feel so distant to the North East, but the grit and bass feels like North East rave culture – they both come together perfectly. (Janay)

Boo – Emotional Freedom Technique

Boo is a multitalented producer, DJ and curator from Middlesbrough. Everything she does is super DIY yet beautifully crafted. If she isn’t sweating dancers out in smoky clubs with ripping BPMs, then you’ll be sure to find sonic peace in her extremely ethereal and emotionally-driven productions. (SKIN)

Edmondson – Y2K: Glow Mix

The pads in this track never fail to get me; it feels weightless and has a floaty, dream-like, euphoric quality, yet also makes me subtly screw my face at the drop. The snare and hats feel really crisp above the pads, and that contrast has had me two-stepping since its release. Edmondson uses a lot of field recordings in his tracks and knowing snippets of Newcastle are in here makes it feel even more like home. (Janay)

Means&3rd – Desperate & Relevant

Means&3rd explores techno in a cerebral, headier manner, navigating through textured sounds that blend grit with ethereality. Desperate & Relevant encapsulates the essence of his artistry and highlights the dynamic soundscapes presented by his label Unveiled Nuances. (Luke Daniels)

Blasha & Allatt – 8am in Salford

Picture the scene: you are immersed in the depths of one of Meat Free’s 24-hour techno parties. The setting is The White Hotel, a once-used car garage that has now become a haven for the underground techno scene on the outskirts of Manchester. Suddenly, 8am In Salford is unleashed. A surge of energy courses through the venue, and then you turn to your friend and smile, knowing the weekend has only just begun. (Luke Daniels)

Nectax – We Ride Alone

Straight outta Newcastle, Nectax represents the undying strength of the bass scene and an exciting new wave of producers. We Ride Alone rips the place apart with gnarly drum arrangements, spooky melody line and an extra-terrestrial vocal hook. (SKIN)

M-Data Live @ Opal Tapes (Live at The Lubber Fiend)

Undiluted live techno with loads of groove. This one isn’t a cheat! As it’s technically one long track, over an hour of 100% self-productions performed live. M-Data has cracked the code for finding swing amongst 4/4 kick drums alongside tripped-out and glitchy lines. Pure stuff. (SKIN)

M Data · M Data Live – Opal Tapes 10th Birthday at The Lubberfiend


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