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Words: Melanie Rashbrooke, The Six Twenty

I’m Melanie; artistic director of theatre company The Six Twenty. We make live, loud, social theatre for a good night out. There’s always music involved. Whilst in lockdown we’ve been making a new project called I Made You A Playlist, where you can dedicate a track and story to a special person or place that you’re missing right now. These will be livestreamed in March as part of Northumberland Winter Festival. For this Mixtape, I’ve picked a small selection from the tracks and dedications we’ve received so far (along with a couple of my own).

I Made You A Playlist will be live-streamed on Wednesday 10th-Thursday 11th March at 7.30pm as part of Northumberland Winter Festival. To add your own track to our playlist or book your free tickets go to www.thesixtwenty.com
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The Beach Boys – Don’t Worry Baby

It’s a ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ anthem, that’s come in handy these last couple of months. “When it was my birthday in Lockdown I remembered the birthday I spent with my Dad at home. We went to the coast, had a lemon top and one of those long chats. He’s really good at those” From Elijah. For Dad and the beach. Added to the Playlist in Jun 2020.

Another Sky – Fell In Love With The City

This one’s dedicated to friends, specifically those that are far away. Best enjoyed through headphones. We used to share songs with each other, that moved us. Some people have inside jokes but we had songs, that was the sort of friendship it was. This is for my best friend who I had to leave behind in order to move to my dream city.” From Nina. Added Jul 2020.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – There She Goes My Beautiful World

A good song makes you feel something regardless of your mood at the time. Whenever I need a boost this goes on. Full blast. It reminds us of walks taken in the Northumberland countryside. Particularly Simonside, Thrunton Woods and Druridge Bay. We can’t wait until we can all be exploring together again soon.” From Claire and Paul. For Linsey and Daniel. Added Feb 2021.

Manu Dibango – Besoka on Salsa

Best enjoyed with a coffee, that becomes a dinner, that becomes a late-night drink, that becomes all-night dancing, because no one wants it to end. This one’s dedicated to late nights with good friends.

Marcia Aitken – I’m Still in Love With You

For lazy Sunday mornings. Best enjoyed with a brew (preferably brought to you).

Prefab Sprout – King of Rock N Roll

Until recently I’d misheard these lyrics, proudly singing “I’m a cookie” full pelt (rather than Albuquerque). Best enjoyed with a crumpet (in the bath). From Laura. For her sister Becky. Added Jul 2020.

Smoky Tiger – The Tree Planter’s Waltz

Just added to the Playlist and it’s a total game-changer. “We’ve not been able to visit our favourite part of the world over lockdown and we miss the people and the place, the stars and the woods.” From Carole and Robert. For Stonehaugh Village (Northumberland). Added Feb 2021.

Jack McDuff – As She Walked Away

Dedicated to drinking wine in the garden as the days start to get longer.

Tom Waits – Tango Till They’re Sore

Dedicated to staying up far later than you should (on a school night).

Loreen – Euphoria

For all the parties we’ve missed and will soon have again. Best enjoyed with atmospheric lighting (smoke machine optional). “Like many events, it couldn’t take place in its usual form this year. It’s the highlight of my calendar and we always have a party to mark the occasion. We have score cards (categories include hotness, sing-along-ability, costume flamboyance). There’s bingo, drinking games, the works!” From Sam. For the Eurovision Song Contest.

Bonus track: Chumbawamba – Tubthumping

Every good Mixtape needs a bonus track and this one’s become a bit of a collective anthem for The Six Twenty. It’s the closer to our comedy quiz show Mixtape and feels like the perfect anthem for right now. Dedicated to collective laughter in venues packed to the rafters. Best enjoyed at maximum volume.

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