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Image by Idene Roozbayani

It was not going to be like other days; I realised this as I sat patiently waiting for my plus one to arrive. The anticipation of what was about to come was all that I could think of. I had purposely not listened to any Mortiis tracks since the booking was secured to keep my mind clear. To be able to write an objective and accurate report on the show, for me this was essential.

Arriving at The Cluny we checked in with the event organizers, got our stamps and proceeded to enjoy a beverage as support act Seraph Sin walked on to the stage. The feeling that you had heard all of this before began to kick in. The down picked guitars, staccato drums and distorted bass, all played with a wall of noise mentality. It was the little touches that were added that made band stand out. They took what came before and made it theirs.

After a short break, 9:15 hit. Mortiis, naturally, arrived 7 minutes late and the whole time I was preparing myself for an electronic act.

That is not how Mortiis started.

Upon reflection it’s clear that last night’s show surpassed my expectations. The electronics were all there but it was the delivery that has stuck with me. Even after the airlines fucked up the transportation of their gear/prosthetics they still managed to leave a mark. The stand out moment for the show was the new re-imagining of Parasite God. An already classic track kicked straight into the modern age in a way that only Mortiis can.

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