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Starting their twelfth show of the Sound of Light & Colour tour with a moment of meditation, the Hang Massive duo (composed of the UK’s Danny Cudd alongside Sweden’s Markus Offbeat) inspired me to do the same as they broadcast electronic sounds that reverberated around the room, buzzing over my anticipating skin.

Closing my eyes, I imagined myself somewhere in Thailand, or at Burning Man Festival as warm night fell, the heat of the room certainly helping my daydream feel authentic. As my mind and sight returned to The Cluny stage, I was almost surprised to see the roof overhead aglow with red lights capturing my imagined sunset.

Greeting the crowd as the precious beings’ we were, Danny took to one of the six hang drums lining the stage, introducing us to its unique sound with a quiet and focused rhythm while Markus moved between the hangs and sample pad, tapping with a flourish and building momentum. The instruments seemed to emit their own vibe, possessing a weight and even a presence, each offering a unique contribution to the overall unmistakably Hang Massive sound.

Changing pace, Kudd and Offbeat took to the front of the stage for an acoustic set. Drums on their knees, they reflected on their humble beginnings as street performers in 2011, wistfully recalling traveling light as their pockets overflowed with change gathered during those busy summer busking months. Now, even armed with an array of hang drums and lots more kit weighing them down, its clear their passion for gigging remains a huge source of motivation.

Sharing hangs and turning up the energy, we were invited to move and to groove as bass tones rumbled up through the wooden floor and electronic waves washed over the audience, immersing us in an otherworldly, glorious electric rendition of The Secret Kissing of the Sun and the Moon.

In a heartfelt, optimistic monologue, Danny directly addressed the strange, weird times we find ourselves in. He spoke of technological advancement, potential doomsday scenarios, and the power of love-filled human beings to bring balance through our pure brilliance and the simplicity of our human being-ness, the qualities we have that cant be replicated.

A ripple of recognition surged through the crowd as they performed their viral song Once Again. As the show reached a climax, Hang Massive returned for an encore and a final message from Danny: “Take care of each other,and a closing afterthought; it’s definitely better in the North.”

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