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No matter where Darlington-based Viia performs, she is guaranteed to inspire awe in her audience. Offering a punchy and passionate performance which fuses rock and pop with dark lyrical undertones and an astonishing voice, Viia and her band are a hot prospect indeed. Ahead of her upcoming show at The Cluny 2, we caught up with Viia to chat about her career progression so far and what audiences can expect from the headline show…

Could you tell our readers about yourself and your sound?

I’m Viia, I grew up in Darlington and have been doing music since a very young age. I started gigging when I was 10 and have been doing it ever since! I’ve developed a lot as an artist and a writer over the years but I’ve really found who I am as an artist now. The music is rocky, punchy and has loads of attitude. It’s fierce and represents who I am as a person. My lyrics always tell my story, I also love huge vocals and I love to really let go through the use of my voice. 

You just played Stockton Calling to a rammed venue, how was the show?

Stockton Calling was amazing and so much fun. I honestly had the best time and it feels so good to know that people really enjoyed the set and actually came to watch me. The live shows are always the highlight thing for me and Stockton Calling was just so incredible. I am absolutely BUZZING to be headlining The Cluny 2 on Tuesday 18th April, I can’t wait to just play lots of new music to everyone and just have fun on stage with the band! It’s so exciting and I really can’t wait to see everyone there! 

Since your debut EP, Am I Ready Yet?, your sound has morphed into more of a rock influence – is this Viia’s new direction and can we expect a heavier sound at live shows?

Absolutely!! I have always loved rock music more than anything but I have been involved in the industry since my very early teens. A lot of people had an influence over me and controlled the type of music I actually wanted to release. Since I have left that environment I’m now finally able to make the music I love more than anything, which feels amazing! For sure, the live shows will be heavy and I can’t wait for it! 

Your unreleased track Golden Boy is a real live favourite for me, what’s it about?

Thank you so much! Golden Boy was written about a guy who took advantage of me when I was really young. He was a lot older than me and I formed an attachment to him, I thought I knew him until he took advantage of me and then I realised the idea of him in my head is not who he is at all. It was a very confusing time but I feel like me and the other writers said exactly what was needed to say about it. When writing, I usually start with a vibe for the song and what I want to write about. The lyrics, melody and other little bits then start coming together. I love to put my all into my music and treat those sessions as if it’s like therapy! Turning my problems into songs feels so good.

Viia plays The Cluny 2, Newcastle on Tuesday 18th April.


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