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Analogue Gods, the new single from Sunderland band The Gods of Small Things, is primarily a warning to man. The punky, alarum style bass that opens the track offers up the depth and richness that The Gods Of Small Things are steadily becoming known for. The opening lines “ you’ve got to fear for the rights of man” are powerful and poignant, and the track is an exploration of the darker potential that Artificial Intelligence has, especially at a point in time when the development of it occurs ever more rapidly and with higher success rates.

During his research into AI, the band’s songwriter, vocalist, keys and guitar man Jason Lee Evans discovered some unsettling technological realities. “Apparently when an AI can beat a human it’s seen as a threshold for AI development: this deeply worries me. I’m thinking like ‘wow these guys – computers that is – control the world’s nuclear arsenal.’”

Jason’s vocal delivery is articulate and chilling at the same time; measured and rational, he chants over the subtle undertow of grungy distortion mixed with solid indie riffs and tight drumming.

It’s a multi-layered track that fuses sci-fi-esque guitar lines during the chorus with poppy choral backing vocals, adding an element of weirdness.

The video for Analogue God, created by Durham’s KIS Studio, is intriguing and peculiar. We follow the chase between an AI and a young man who’s carrying the warnings to humanity from the Analogue God. “He’s trying to communicate using Facebook and web forums, but he’s not very good at it.” Says Jason, about the underlying desperation of the track. “The whole song is from his point of view trying to warn man. In the video the girl [played by Amy Telford] is an AI and boy [Alex Houston] is human, and he carries the warnings from God on a memory card, she kills him to get them and destroy them.”

Analogue God is taken from the band’s second EP, Singing In The Dark, released in September. Another single, the ska-infused indie Blah Blah (Boo Hoo), is due for release later this year. “We always planned to release two singles off the EP and felt Analogue God was a slow burn, whilst the second single Blah Blah (Boo Hoo) was a bigger in your face character.” Jason’s confident that the two tracks exhibit the range and diversity of the band’s output. “We didn’t want Analogue being overshadowed by his big brother so thought we’d kick him out the door first and give him a head start in the world.”

The Gods of Small Things release Analogue God on 20th November.

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