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Having grown into a favourite across the metal and progressive circuits for their heavy yet refined compositions, Kylver keep going from strength to strength. On the back of rave reviews from the likes of Prog Magazine and Metal Injection, last year’s self-released second album The Island is finally seeing wider distribution on Friday 7th July, courtesy of Colorado based label Graven Earth Records for the cassette edition and local scene heroes Inverted Grim-Mill for what is sure to be a suitably lavishly packaged vinyl pressing.

Following hot on the heels of their 2015 debut The Mountain Ghost, The Island saw Kylver gain further national and international attention for their ambitious sound. A concept album that follows the journey of a shipwreck survivor who becomes embroiled in a scheme instigated by a mysterious force beyond his imagining.

If that sounds like a lot to get your head around, then don’t fear: even if the story aspect doesn’t appeal, even the most cursory listen to tracks like single Hy-Brasil reveals a band who use their instrumental prowess in the aim of delivering thrilling rock riffs every bit as gargantuan and epic as their album artwork. For anyone not yet on board with the band, make sure to pick up a copy of the newly reissued The Island and get ready to go on a journey.

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