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A new art studio has opened at Hoults Yard in Newcastle, allowing groups of friends, work colleagues, hen parties, stag parties, children’s parties or family groups to squirt, splash and throw paint over each other and at the same time create a beautiful work of art. Your Tribe is the brainchild of Jane Crane, artist and yoga teacher. We fired a few questions across to her to find out more. 
Where did the idea for Your Tribe come from? 
I had an idea for a dance production a lot of years ago when my sister was coming up with concepts for her final production at uni. It was inspired by me being introduced to Jackson Pollock and his work around the same time. It was only when I started to get into meditation in a big way and then into Shamanic Journeying that the realisation came that my future was in this silly paint idea! Excitingly now I’m talking with local dancers and choreographers about that original idea. It then, in my mind moved to an event – which again is in development now too and finally I realised that it had potential as an actual permanent space that people could come to create their own artwork. I have always been a facilitator of other people flexing their creative muscles.   
Can you tell us a bit about your background as an artist? 
I have had my hand in loads of different types of creative projects over the years. My background is in short film production; script writing and photography being what I found myself connecting with most. I’ve spent time making jewellery & up-cycling clothes with a little bit of abstract painting here and there. I dance as often as possible! I never actually thought the title of artist was for me – I always felt like that belonged to other people. I guess recently I have been calling myself a newly awakened artist and really feel like I’m at the beginning of my career so watch this space – I have some cool things that I am looking to develop and exhibit!  
What happens at a Your Tribe session? Basically people come along to the studio, select the size and style of canvas they want to create, change into their paint clothes (or not – it’s great to do naked and I have had groups fully embrace getting involved with the paint), have some photos before the painty carnage is unleashed, are shown into the paint room. I have usually prepared ‘paint cocktails’, paint sling shots and loads of bottles of paint. People’s faces usually light up at this point! I turn the music on and leave them to it! Often the first couple of squirts of paint are a bit tame but once you have been splatted by someone usually the gloves are off and everyone is all in! From there it’s basically screams of laughter and crazy noises whilst they create and release. Sometimes I stick my head in and get some action shots. Photos of after the event – covered in paint and then people clean down and float off home! People are still buzzing and laughing as they are leaving generally! 
What are you hoping people take away from the experience?
I want people to feel lighter when they leave and laughter is such a great way for people to do that. It’s such natural stress reliever! Of course that people are creating unique works of art at the same time is just as important as reminder of that time too. Although I’m happy for kids to come along – the beauty for me is about what adults can get out of it. Adults just don’t get the opportunity to be this messy or to have fun at this level anywhere near as often as kids do. There is definitely a therapeutic element to the experience. I want people to leave feeling reconnected to their inner child!
How would someone go about having a go themselves? 
There are all sorts of events that we have running which people can find on our Facebook page. Our website has all of the private stuff we run and people can make bookings there too. 

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