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For those not in the know, Gavin Webster is a Geordie comedy legend and one of the regions first post-modern alternative comedian. He’s done shows around the world, appeared on many different TV shows and is a regular of BBC Radio 4 Show, What You Wrote. Gavin Webster’s District Zone Comedy Club at Art Centre Washington, starts Friday 24th May (featuring acclaimed Scottish comedian John Scott) so we fired across a quick Q & A to find out more about him and his new night.

What is Gavin Webster’s District Zone Comedy Club and where is it at?
It’s a new comedy club in Washington at Arts Centre Washington and I compere it and give bookings to great local acts that are sometimes overlooked.

How did you get into comedy?
I got into comedy sort of by accident back in 1992 where someone persuaded me to be his double act partner at a gig in the Cumberland Arms in Byker, it was a new material night. It didn’t go that well.

Who are your comedy idols?
My comedy idols are The Marx Brothers, WC Fields, Les Dawson, Alexei Sayle, Monty Python and Sean Lock

You were described as one of the North-East’s first post-modern alternative comedians. What do you think of the regions alt-comedy scene at the moment?
It’s very good, out of all the regions and countries within the UK, the north east and particularly Tyneside has the best new acts and a few good established ones.

What’s the secret to a long and well established comedy career?
I’ve always tried to be as funny as I could be and write stuff that I find funny, not what I think the public might be into these days. Apart from that, try not to piss too many people off or come over as a real arrogant piece of work, I’ve met so many of those down the years and still they keep coming.

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