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On last year’s self-titled EP, Hartlepool math-rockers Antlez released a song called Leviathan. More than twelve months later and the band, who have gone from being humpback anglerfish in the underground to one of the best loved and prized catches on the local scene, are gearing up to release another nautical-themed single.

It Came From The Sea isn’t actually about krakens attacking though (you’re more likely to catch a haddock than a giant squid off the Hartlepool coastline), it’s actually about a less mythical affliction. “The basis of the lyrics are about trying to sleep,” guitarist Micky Braham says. “I sleep like a baby but Matty [Bridgewater, frontman] does not! He went through phases and I guess it’s a mixture of anxiety and sleep.” Does Matty worry about an actual Leviathan assaulting the shores of Hartlepool? “The guy’s a bit bonkers in all honesty, but it’s why we love him. I guess the song is about the daft things he worries about and how these emotions are likened to the sea.”

Unsurprisingly, It Came From The Sea isn’t a sea shanty but a typically epic slice of math rock. Micky weaved his own description of the song: “It’s got its twiddly guitars, it’s got powerful atmospheric parts, catchy lyrics and good melodies. It’s simple and to the point. It’s dynamic. It’s got a bit of everything we wanted to get into a song. I reckon you can hear a few of our influences in there. I think it sums us up well.”

It Came From The Sea isn’t a sea shanty but a typically epic slice of math rock

For a song that sounds as crisp and fresh as a sea breeze, the single has had a gestation period longer than a blue whale’s. “It’s been a long time coming, I would say probably a year.” Micky reveals. It Came From The Sea sat unloved as the band worked on another track. “We actually wrote a totally different song, realised it wasn’t very good and that’s what sparked us into doing this song,” Micky explains. “It was just a little spark after being disappointed with what came before it and the realisation that one of them was pretty rubbish and going nowhere that led us to writing the single.”

The band have also gone through a number of line-up changes, with two members leaving and recently being replaced. “It was really weird; the dynamics have changed.” Most bands would have sunk lower than a submarine after such a dramatic change but the new Antlez crew have already bonded and are more productive than ever. “New ideas, different influences,” Micky says. “We’re able to practice more as the current group don’t have as many commitments; we’re able to get together three or four times a week now which is great.” Now that the group are more settled in their current formation, can we expect an even bigger haul from Antlez in the near future? “Absolutely. We’re pretty close to being ready to record a three track EP.”

Antlez release It Came From The Sea on Saturday 12th September. They play at We Are Family Festival in Hartlepool on Tuesday 15th September. You can listen to It Came From The Sea exclusively below.

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