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Welcome to the first in our Good Grief Spotlight series of interviews with comedians. Good Grief is a night which runs at The Stand, Newcastle bringing the freshest, emerging talent, interesting, inventive acts and big laughs and ahead of each monthly show, they’re going to spotlight some of the funny folk on show with an interview.

First up, ahead of his appearance there on Monday 14th May, it’s the charmingly funny Matt Reed

What comedians make you laugh the most?
I’m kinda biased to my region but I’m just lucky enough to be surrounded by very funny people up here Gav Webster, Lee Kyle and there’s some of the best female comedians in the country up here getting none of the attention they deserve; there’s Katherine Tanney, Nicola Mantallios and Sammy Dobson for starters and then there’s Anja Atkinson and the brilliant Louise Young. I’d put them girls up on any bill on the circuit. There are also some amazing newcomers elsewhere I’d say go see Simon Lomas as quickly as you can before it costs big money. The cliche of liking Daniel Kitson is strong with me, genuinely the best I’ve ever seen.

What do you like best about gigging in Newcastle? 
I always love performing on home turf I count Newcastle as home turf because Sunderland has atrociously not got a single comedy club which is insane. The mix is eclectic and you get a lot of regulars which is a great yet rare phenomena. I like doing local stuff but it needn’t be hack, it can go anywhere you’re willing to take it. Also The Stand in Newcastle is a superb gig.

Whats your favorite ever gig?
There’s no such thing as a favourite ever gig to me, I have a special fondness for a lot of gigs and a lot of clubs. The Glees on a packed Saturday is untouchable, The Komedia in Brighton is like nothing else when it’s full and they’re always comedy savvy so obscure stuff gets the laughs it maybe wouldn’t elsewhere. The Arc Stockton holds a special place for me as I’m a regular there and have acquired a little fan base so if anyone heckles, there’s no shouting so I can hear the crowd sit back knowing the heckler has made a massive mistake. The Stand is very special after having played there countless times over the years in a few different guises. For example Funny Team, a sketch show with some of my best friends which we sold well and felt special. Doing a little premier of Gavin Webster’s sitcom felt lovely and personal. Then there’s so many more I find it hard to find somewhere I don’t like gigging…Jongleurs but that’s dead now.

What’s next for you?
I intend to release more of my own content I do my own show called Gag Reels at The Stand which is a film-based panel show and works stupidly well. Also a one man show called Mat Reed’s Junk Box where the audience fetch something in and I discuss it which can get as weird as it is funny. I’ve just bought a podcast studio and will be releasing a series of podcasts soon about my passions. Lots of pots on the boil. No telly though, not even bothered.

Matt Reed is on at Good Grief at The Stand, Newcastle on Monday 14th April.

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