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Sally Smallwood, a fashion designer based in County Durham has won a prestigious clothing contract with the makers of the world’s most exclusive cars, Shelby American. We find out more about the talented designer in the first of our new focus feature.

Who are you?
I’m Sally Smallwood, I’m a fashion designer. 

What is it you do?
I have a clothing label; WRECKREATION. My studio is based at Greencroft Industrial Estate in County Durham, where we create everything in-house with a focus on the individual. The garments are made to order or custom-built with a truly customisable experience, where a client can change the colour-ways to match their car.

How long have you been doing it?
Officially since 2015 but I started making my own clothes at a young age as there was never anything in the shops that I resonated with. I studied fashion at Northumbria University where I specialised in menswear. When I graduated, I started making outfits for musicians, for stage-wear and music videos and it grew from there. 

What inspires you?
I am predominantly inspired by motorsport.
The sounds, the smell, the colours, the energy.
It triggers something which incites me to create.
As do the works of Goethe, Jung, Nietzsche, etc… Their theories, the victorious stories of characters with great strength who stand up for what they believe in and live their ideals.
Those whose goal is to create positive change, the architects of the future who set no limits, who bravely step out from the sidelines, those who defy rules and question authority.
I aim to give these ideas a new form.
Some artists use paint as their medium. I use clothes.  

Tell us about your work.
 WRECKREATION was born from the ideology to wreck stifling doctrines and to create your own world, establishing a firm belief in the individual. 
It’s really about human potential; bulldozing limitations, never settling for mediocrity and striving to be the best and brightest versions of our true selves, that we can possibly be. 
Combined with my enthusiasm for motorsports and everything else high-octane, I was able to carve a unique position; Racing couture for the trailblazers of tomorrow.
The flagship SUPERCHARGER Jeans are an expression of rebellion towards mediocrity, showcased on stages and in music videos, and gaining media attention worldwide.

What have you got coming up in the future?
 Just before Le Mans 66 was released, I was lucky enough to be invited to Las Vegas to meet with Shelby, the iconic performance car manufacturer who featured heavily in the film. The president of the company, Gary, took me for a blast in a Shelby Super Snake. Driving around Vegas in sport mode, he said to me, “Everything starts with a dream…”
And it was a dream come true! Not only to see the cars but to hear first-hand, the stories of Carroll Shelby, who had been an inspiration since I was young. From that meeting, came a collaboration between WRECKREATION x SHELBY. 
Inspired by the bold vision of Carroll Shelby, an exclusive limited edition of the SUPERCHARGER Jeans has been created which have drawn admiration from Shelby’s CEO; “We’ve never seen anything like this… these jeans are revolutionary”. due to the synchronicities between the custom performance vehicles and the SUPERCHARGER jeans.
I have adopted fabrics that are used in the automotive industry, due to their high tensile strength and durability. Like a Shelby, the jeans also arrive with a secure digital identity, a certificate of authenticity and an owners manual.
I am so excited that we can create these jeans to your specific measurements, in the colours of your choice, whether that’s to match your Shelby car or your mood!

Where can people find out more about you?
@wreckreation_official /

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