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Who are you?
Harun Musho’d. That is an Arabic name. Good news is I can’t fly a plane. Bad news is I have a rucksack. If you don’t like that joke, don’t read the rest of this article, and don’t come to my Newcastle and Durham Fringe stand-up comedy shows, both on 29th July.

What is it you do?
Political stand-up comedian.

How long have you been doing it for?
For 10 years. I kinda fell into it. I was doing a full-time degree in creative writing and English as a mature student (at the time, aged 43) at Royal Holloway, University of London (allegedly. In reality it’s in Egham, not in London). My focus then was to be a comedy fiction writer but I also wanted to get into sketch comedy. However, the Royal Holloway Comedy Society at that time was focused on stand-up. I thought sod that, I’ll become the world’s oldest student music editor instead. So, I wrote music reviews and articles for the student newspaper, and a year later took over as music editor. But a year after that I decided to give the stand-up comedy a try. Turned out I was good at taking the mickey out of myself as the world’s oldest student music journalist (my website includes a video of my second-ever gig), so I stuck with it.

What inspires you?
Politics, and my dysfunctional extended family, one of whom even featured in a Take a Break article, and not in a good way.

Tell us about your comedy.
Largely a political show, but because until recently I worked in the House of Commons, I had to be a little careful about what I said in relation to mainstream politics, so I chose a safer subject … terrorism. But I also had a good sideline in talking about my family, and eventually, my club set managed to intertwine the two subjects (I hasten to add, none of my family are terrorists … as far as I know anyway). Now I’ve left my job in the House of Commons, I’m freer to talk about national politics too, so that is now added into the mix.

What have you got coming up?
Why I Don’t Talk To People About Terrorism is an extended version of my stand-up comedy club set. The show does what it says on the tin, seven reasons why I don’t talk about terrorism. But it includes bits about more mainstream politics and lots about my bonkers family too, particularly the Take A Break article. It had a good run at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe and sold out at a number of other fringes and comedy festivals.

The show is at Newcastle Fringe on Saturday 29th July at 3.30pm in the Alphabetti Theatre, and at the Durham Fringe at 8.30pm the same day at Fabio’s Bar.

Where can people find out more about you?
I have a website: , and most of the socials at @harunmushod, apart from TikTok (I tend to stay away from anything technical owned by the Chinese government. Also I wasn’t any good on it).

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