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Tyneside Rain is a collaboration between Darlington songwriters Roger Wicks and Syd Collumbine.  Act Two, due for release on Saturday 5th June, completes their folk-rock opera about youngsters growing up on a rundown Tyneside estate. 

Using only three tracks, the duo tries to describe their sound to us…

Johnny Cash – I Hung My Head
Syd, originally from South Yorkshire, is a great guitarist inspired by Allan Holdsworth and Steely Dan, but for this stripped back project I’ll quote the Alex Turner line “you’re not from San Francisco, you’re from Rotherham” to ensure maximum simplicity.  

Our songs are melodic, acoustic tracks that tell stories. For Act Two we recorded songs about trains, guns, betrayal and revenge. The Mark of Cain, featuring Jodie Nicholson, just about covers all these themes.  The track was played by Tom Robinson on BBC6 Music. We’re clearly in Johnny Cash territory so the murder ballad I Hung My Head, written by Sting, shows our direction of travel.

Paul Simon – Take Me to the Mardi Gras
Act Two is set in 1973. To keep it authentic, Let’s Talk About the Rain featuring Caitlin Morrow, was intended to have echoes of Paul Simon’s 1973 track Take Me to the Mardi Gras, of which Simon said “it’s a nice song that didn’t get much notice.” It should have done because it’s such a lovely track.

Bob Dylan – Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door
Tyneside Rain is basically a Western set in the wild West End of Newcastle. In 1973, Bob Dylan wrote  Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door for the movie Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid. Act Two features The Man Who Robbed the Gold Train, which is influenced by Bob’s iconic track. 

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