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Sunderland/South Shields outfit Hivemind release their latest single Fire! Fire! Fire! a song about loneliness and texting somebody you perhaps shouldn’t in the middle of the night as a result. Sonically it’s a punchy, gritty rock riot with notes of Band Of Skulls, Paramore and Pale Waves.

Here, the band try to encapsulate the sound using three tracks…

Marmozets – Move, Shake, Hide
The instrumentation and song structure for our track ‘Fire! Fire! Fire!’ Is inspired by the Marmozet’s tune Move, Shake, Hide. In fact, the working title for the song was Move, Sh*t, Hide because it was pretty much a rip off…

We love the energy that Marmozets bring and wanted to try and replicate that as much as possible but in a “Hivemind” way. 

Royal Blood – Out of the Black
The guitar tone on Fire! Fire! Fire! is inspired by the bass guitar tone on Out of the Black. We love the impact the song has when the main riff kicks in. Thick, heavy and growly. 

 Ironically, we wanted to get a “bass-y” tone on our guitars too – which is actually the reverse of what Royal Blood do on their tracks. We like to think our riffs are just as phat though! 

Foo Fighters – The Pretender
Similar to The Pretender by The Foos, Fire! Fire! Fire! is about being self-aware and keeping yourself in check. It’s easy for unhealthy behaviours to spread to other areas of your life under the radar, and before you know it – everything’s on fire (metaphorically…). It’s easier to put out a flame than it is to put out a wildfire. 

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