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Ahead of his debut solo show at The Stand on Sunday 10th September, we caught up with local comedy favourite Nick Cranston for a new Bunch Of Fives. Over to you Nick, for your five things…

My debut hour show is on 10th September. The same day as the Great North Run. They’re pretty much the same thing except people will actually respect you when you post on Facebook that you’ve endured my show. I’ll put some water and tinfoil sheets out for the runners, they seem to like that sort of thing.

It’ll be nine years since I’ve started stand-up. I really should have done an hour before this, I don’t know what I’ve been up to. Some people think I’m really funny so I thought it was time to put an hour together.
When I started we were in the final months of the George W Bush presidency, looking forward to never again having to deal with a scary arrogant demagogue running the most powerful nation on the planet.

I’m not the second coming of Bill Hicks. Like so many comedians when I started, I was an idiot and thought I was going to be the next Bill Hicks. I promised myself to never ‘sell out’ to ‘the man’ and unleash TRUTH BOMBS galore to unsuspecting sheeple!
A few months ago, I retweeted Papa Johns just to get a half price pizza.

Tickets are reasonable yet not worryingly cheap. Tickets are £5. Hey, that’s cheap! An hour of Nick Cranston plus support in the cool Stand Newcastle venue is very good value. But they’re not so cheap that you’re like ‘Woah, this isn’t a cheap knock off of Nick Cranston that breaks down after one joke is it?’
Nope. It’s 100% genuine overweight, stressed out Cranston product.

unSuitable. The title has a meaning yet no meaning. Woah, deep bro.
It’s a good generic title isn’t it? I could talk about literally anything! I’ve never been one for themes so you won’t leave with a message or an appreciation of life or anything. You’ll probably leave thinking “that was pretty good, definitely worth a fiver! In fact, I’d pay up to £7.50 for that!”
The story behind the title comes from once when I was still new I was signed up to compere a gig on a Saturday in an arts centre. I’d always just worn t-shirts to gig in but my mind went Compere + Saturday + Arts Centre = “logically I should wear a suit”. I did and it was very ill fitting and stood out like a sore thumb.
One of the other acts, and my good friend, Andy Fury thought it was hilarious and he and Lee Kyle always wind me up about it over half a decade later. So yeah it’s just a stupid in-joke. Not really worth that explanation really…

Nick Cranston brings his new show to The Stand, Newcastle on Sunday 10th September.

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