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Over the last twelve months, we’ve had our pages filled with some incredible creative souls, we asked a few of them to be kind enough to share some words on a year that the world all went a bit odd. Next up, it’s comedian John Scott.

So, how was your 2016?
Pretty good especially towards the end. I attended two raves, that’s two more than I have in 10 years. I got two awesome new cats. I got my long hair cut off. I had a really good Edinburgh Festival where I sold 300 CDs of me telling jokes. I started a degree in Drama and Script at Northumbria University and the first three months of that have been one of the most rewarding experiences ever. Oh and while there I made Anton Chekhov funny, which apparently was always his intention.

What was your worst moment?
The death of David Bowie. And yet it turned into a kind of nice thing. He actually died on my birthday. That day I was at my mums and about five minutes after discovering he’d passed I got the mail accepting me to uni. My mum said, “That’s David Bowie leaving the planet so you can have some of his life.” That’s when the real tears arrived. I’ll take those words to my grave.

Your favourite band of 2016?
This is an awful answer to this. Sometimes in life I look at a band and appreciate them yet go “I’ll save them for a rainy day”. The band I did that with for quite some time was Oasis. So I’ve really got into them now and finally get it, whatever the it about them is. Awesome band and it’s bullshit they never did anything after the first two LPS. Bring them back Noel. Now I really sound like your sad old uncle.

Your favourite song of the year? 
Blackstar. Bowie. Sorry to be so predictable.

Your favourite film? 
I, Daniel Blake. Go for it friend and fellow comic Davy Johns. The idea he may win an Oscar is as funny to us as it is to him. Bless him, he’s won the lottery.

What was your favourite gig of the year?
Gogol Bordello at the O2 in Toon. 

And finally, what has 2017 got in store for you?
Theatre. Lots and lots of theatre. I never knew much of the medium and over the last three months I’ve seen some awesome stuff here in Newcastle. Big shout out to Alphabetti Theatre and their ethics. I’m discovering theatre can be pretty punk so that’s right up my street…and ahem…yes obviously I’m trying to develop a couple of plays. It’s all study, learn then do at the moment and that has me as happy as a pig in the proverbial. My political panel show Sod The Tories also moves to the second Sunday of the month at The Stand, with the next one on Sunday 8th January.

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