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Local indie favourites Coquin Migale released new single Plans last week. It’s an absolute gem of a track too, filled with their usual gift for catchy hooks, and soaring, anthemic indie rock. Not content with hogging the spotlight for themselves though, they decided to share five North East bands they love, and you should too.

Avalanche Party

Although these vicious rockers hail from parts of the country that are more familiar to Alex; these boys were predominantly battering Teeside but they’ve brought the hammer north’er and they are now a much loved band on the NE scene. We welcome them with open arms for their outrageous stage presence and face melting tunes. AP will question everything you do as a performer and leave you quivering in your old skool vans. A true force to be reckoned with.

Cape Cub

Chad and his band of merry men write nothing but HITS. Not only is Chad one of the nicest lads knocking about but he also has a serious talent for songwriting. Cape Cub make up about 75% of our band travel playlists… not that they’ll notice as these guys rack up 400,000 listeners a month!


A young bunch of chaps that know exactly what it is they want. Brad came to a CM show a while back when we supported Peace at The Cluny. He threw me an EP, which I remember being really flipping good (of course). C. Dancer (North East extraordinaire and general busy-body) however, beat me to it. We personally like their grounded vibe. Even with the many achievements under their belts, they’re all sound as a pound and we’re currently looking into getting Nicholson into 10 Downing Street. Just to clear things up, they’re math rock, not shoe-gaze.

The Old Pink House

These guys should of been the Blossoms of today. Move over lads, there’s a heavier, riffier & weirder (Sorry, Max) version of you that are pleasing ears throughout and beyond the scene. I recently watched them tear Riverside apart at Hit The North Festival and it left me having to cup my jaw as I walked on to the next venue.


We’re new to Blesh but we know we like them. Their music brings back early Coquin days, although they’re much better than we were. The chorus drenched guitars remind us of our earlier days and we like that. We want to play a show with them. I think we’re going to put one on, maybe a summer one? A nice’n sunny’n sweaty one. Lukewarm pints and slimy fretboards.

PS. Can we all just take a moment to truly appreciate that new Sam Fender tune, Play God. WOW.

Coquin Migale’s new single Plans is out now.

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