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Stand-up comedian Carl Hutchinson isn’t just adept at being brilliantly hilarious and a real rising comedy star, he’s also a master prankster. Ahead of his show at The Stand in Newcastle on Monday 3rd July (more info here), Carl was kind enough to share with us his top five tips for scaring your mates. Over to you Carl…

Location is everything. You need to hide in a place that is in plain sight, yet difficult to spot for the untrained-not-aware-you’re-about-to-shite-your-pants-eye. Ideally you want to follow a person into a room then hide before you’ve been seen. Whatever your location, pick it and stick to it!

Hey, listen! The best scares come to those who wait, I’ve waited 35 minutes before the big scare before. I once even bolted on a fright after 45 minutes (wardrobe) on a lads holiday, so disgusted I was with the fact no-one opened the door for me to scare them, I huffed out of the wardrobe and declared “Hey, sometimes, I don’t know why I bother!”

Record It
If your mate craps his pants and it isn’t on camera then you have wasted everyone’s time and you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself. Part of the prank being able to orchestrate and juggle the timing of the prank while directing your own motion picture. I once scared my mate, blue tacking my phone to the wall and covering it up with a poster but where the letter “O” appeared on the poster I’d cut slightly so that the camera could record it. Alas, I forgot to record the actual fright. As a result, no-one believes this ever occurred.

The “Scare”
Then theres the choice of what to actually say when you do the fright. A novice will go with a standard “RAARR” but I find that to be somewhat unimaginative. I quite like a dulled “hello”. It seems to send a suitable shiver down the prankee’s spine. I once just didn’t say anything but just elected to stand there in the dark with a hoodie on. Unfortunately, my mate’s girlfriend was the accidental recipient of that one.

Be prepared to be got-back. For every action there’s a reaction. Enjoy the fright, enjoy that all the preparation they put into it was all for you. Then, obviously, get them back, until one of you inevitably drops dead of a heart attack. 

Carl Hutchinson brings his new show to The Stand, Newcastle on Monday 3rd July.

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