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Hannah Walker and Rosa Postlethwaite continue to bring us An Evening With Savvy B at Alphabetti Theatre until Saturday 10th September. Their show may explore drinking culture, but they’ve also recommended five places you could go and have a good time with or without alcohol. Over to the ladies in question then…

This year we (Hannah & Rosa) made a show called, An Evening With Savvy B, all about who we become when we drink. Sometimes it involved us leaving the house so here’s some of the events we sampled and came back for more.

We realise that not everyone wants to drink alcohol – we don’t all the time. So these are events which don’t centre around a pint, or a glass, or a bottle.

Bingo At St Peter’s Social Club
Early this summer, we did a pop-up show, featuring Savvy B at St Peter’s on a Wednesday night (which just so happened to be bingo night) and took the opportunity to chat to the unsuspecting audience about when they drank, what they drank and why. Despite our hints we didn’t get invited to the gang’s yearly holiday to Liverpool but we’ll cherish the thought.
The club is big and beautiful, dark oak and velvet green carpet and comfy seats. Everyone was extremely welcoming even though I sat in one of the regular’s usual chair. I moved. It’s half an easy-going catch up with friends, half an adrenaline rush inducing exam. These are professionals, so it’s probably better you don’t drink yourself out of contention.
St Peter’s (also known as The Bottom Club) Bingo Night is on a Wednesday 8.30pm until 11pm. More information here.
We had the best time ever.

Play Club at Space Six
Play Club is ran by theatre company, Curious Monkey and is a monthly gathering where people simply read plays aloud and drink wine (if they want to).
Overlooking the moody, Victorian roofs that make up the ceiling of Grey Street and it’s offshoots, the room at Commercial Union House holds some casual sofas and desks. Without any pressure to perform, or for goodness sakes do an appropriate accent you can have a go at reading a character’s lines a become entangled in the plot.
Play Club is super relaxed, an indulgent treat rather than an effort towards self-improvement. Really, all classrooms should have wine.
Play Club happens on the last Thursday of every month 7pm until 9pm at Space Six, Commercial Union House. Follow @curiousmonkeyyb on twitter to hear about the next event.

Red Raw at The Stand
Safe inside the high university walls, on a sprung floor and surrounded by titles such as, The Art of Failure, doing things a bit badly was not only accepted but encouraged. Failure was always generative, failure was something to aim for.
Never have I seen the mighty waves of failure crash down on someone as hard as at the Stand Comedy Club on a Wednesday night generating opportunities like no other to connect with someone on stage, as they stumble, forget, and say the inconceivable. Countless times anti-climaxes create laughs and claps of support and well, it’s good to feel alive.
And then someone comes on stage for the first time and nails it, even if they think they didn’t. Either way, it’s a fantastic platform for anyone to get into comedy and learn the only way there is.
Red Raw is a weekly night for performers at the start of their careers or for experienced comedians trying something new. With up to ten acts on, you can be sure of variety and there is always headline act who’s come out the other side and is still being programmed. Also it’s £2! And there’s a bar.
Red Raw is on every Wednesday, doors to the venue open at 7pm and show starts at 8.30pm. Go here to read more.

Prohibition Bar Quiz Night
Another Wednesday night-er (sorry you’ll have to do alternate weeks), Prohibition Quiz, is great if you like guessing or if you’re over-estimating your pub quiz prowess. It’s very hard but also very fun. And you will leave with a fact that you’ll want to impress your friends with and immediately forget.
Mitch, who runs Prohibition and it’s quiz night deals with general outcries, and demands for clues, calmly but firmly and seems to enjoy the power. He’s a great guy, super supportive of artists and it’s a fantastic little venue, near the river, under the Gateshead arches. Also you’re allowed dogs – there was a huge one when we went and you are encouraged to drink.
The second prize was a fishbowl of whiskey.
The Quiz starts at 8.30pm and goes until 10.30pm every Wednesday and costs £1 per player. Read more here.

MFA Bowl Thursday Night Offer
MFA Bowl in Fenham is obviously a great laugh at anytime of day (I’ve gone on a midweek morning so can attest to this) but on on Thursday night after 7pm everything goes fluorescent and you can’t say fairer than that.  Also it’s £5 each for unlimited games, if you’re in a group of 4 people or over.
I feel that they might be using my Spotify playlist if the mainstream RnB and Old School Classics are anything to go by. It gets seriously packed and it’s worth booking your spot and wearing matching bowlings shirts, if you want to get into it. There are drinks available – just don’t put yours down next to the other fifteen drinks when it’s your turn to bowl because you’ll have to drink them all to work out which one is yours.
The Thursday night offer starts at 7pm finishing at 11pm. Go here to book.

Special Mention to Rusty’s too. Rusty’s is great. I can’t honestly say I’ve been there sober though.

An Evening With Savvy B is at Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle until Saturday 10th September.

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