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We caught up with stand-up comedian Alex Love ahead of his pub quiz themed show at The Stand, Newcastle on Friday 27th October for five answers to pub quiz questions you may not get right. Over to you Alex…

There’s very little more frustrating than being convinced you’re right about a pub quiz question, only to have the rug pulled from underneath your feet when you hear the answer. Here are some of those questions to look out for.  

Where was the Hawaiian pizza invented?
Don’t be fooled by the name, the answer is not Hawaii. It was actually invented in Ontario, Canada. There’s another issue of whether or not pineapple should even be on a pizza in the first place. It is a topic that has provoked much debate. Is it right? Is it wrong? Personally, I’m sitting on the fence as I’m indifferent to it. It’s fine I suppose, but there are much better toppings out there. I would like to live in a world where we respect each other’s pizza topping choices.  

What is the capital of Australia?
It’s not Sydney. It’s not Melbourne either. It’s actually Canberra, which was chosen a compromise in a dispute between Sydney and Melbourne for where the capital should be. At the risk of opening old wounds, it should definitely be Sydney.

In which country would you find the city of Batman?
Some quizmasters, i.e. me, like to phrase a question in an annoying way such as this to throw people off. Most people are going to think it is referring to Gotham and so the answer will be America. This is not the answer. The answer is Turkey, where there is a real city called Batman. The mayor once tried to sue Warner Brothers for using the city’s name and apparently claimed that the films were somehow responsible for a number of unsolved murders in the area. It’s almost as if they could do with someone’s help solving those crimes…

Where is the Labrador dog breed originally from?
It’s definitely Canada. But where specifically in Canada? If you think it’s from Labrador, you are wrong. The dog breed is actually from Newfoundland originally. Just to confuse matters further, the Newfoundland dog breed is from Labrador. Those Canadians are just using place names to toy with us in pub quizzes.

Who was the first British person in space?
It was Tim Peake, wasn’t it? It must be, mustn’t it? No, it mustn’t be and isn’t. It was actually Helen Sharman.  But unlike Tim Peake, she doesn’t go on about it all the time. Yeah, we know you’ve been to space, Tim. You don’t have to keep reminding us. It’s hardly a sold-out run at Edinburgh Fringe, is it? I don’t keep going on about that. Actually…

How To Win A Pub Quiz is on at The Stand, Newcastle, on Friday 27th October.

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